Atasan Global has been supplying products to e-commerce sites since 2011. We are developing more and more products and services every year. Atasan Global has continued its journey by increasing the number of sales and number of employees every year. It provides flexible, fast and high quality service to its customers. Since we have been operating in the e-commerce sector for many years, we can organize all kinds of operations.

Atasan Global has 5 different registered brands and 4000 different products in 8 different categories. It stores the products in stock in Istanbul head office and warehouse. Atasan Global also manages import and export operations through the Chinese warehouse and the German office.

Atasan Global serves about 150 e-commerce sites both in Turkey and abroad. It provides free API, XML and Excel integration with its technological infrastructure. It also offers dropshipping service to many e-commerce companies. The cargo system, ERP system, E-commerce software are integrated to each other.